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In all the media noise this week about the potential (or was it a forecast?) for long queues for lorries in Kent, the overriding message from the UK Government is that the transition period WILL END on 31st December.

There is a good overview of 7 key things that will change on 1st January 2021 at and this article (and others in the coming weeks) look to provide more information for members in specific areas.

The main focus of this article is to point members to the UK Government Transition Hub at which is the starting point for your journey to the new start for the UK.

We know that many members are already prepared for the end of the Brexit transition period but if you are not sure of how it will affect your business, you can take the survey on the Transition Hub page and it will help you to identify the issues that you need to consider.  This also offers the opportunity to sign-up to messages on specific topics as and when new announcements are made.

Further down the page are separate sections for companies that either export or import goods from the EU.  For the latter category in particular there will be MTA members who deal only in goods arriving from the European Union who have not had to deal with the new administration requirements that will come into force in 2021.

These include high level issues such as accounting for and paying VAT and making customs declarations (which will replace the Intrastat system) but also include issues such as adopting the UKCA mark to replace the CE mark.  The latter is a topic we have covered in recent weeks (see and will, no doubt, return to in future, especially as the requirements and processes for UK suppliers to use the UKCA mark are not yet clear.

There is a separate article (see about two webinars in this area - one covers the UKCA and the other about the Border Operating Model.