Standards Challenge Fund webinar

Join BSI to explore the Standards Challenge Fund, discover benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and learn how to take part. The fund supports innovation in three key areas: digital, net zero, and healthy living and ageing.

The Standards Challenge Fund, a collaborative initiative with Innovate UK, invites SMEs to submit ideas for new standards. Selected submissions, subject to due diligence, will form the basis for new standards that will be funded through this programme. This is a new and exciting way for SMEs to be directly involved in, and associated with, the creation of standards that support innovation.

Covered in the webinar:

  • Insights into the benefits of standards for SMEs
  • Learn about the Standards Challenge Fund and the opportunity to get a new standard funded
  • How to get involved in upcoming workshops

Event timings:

10:00-10:05 Welcome

10:05-10:15 Empowering SMEs to innovate and grow

10:15-10:30 Overview of the Standards Challenge Fund

10:30-10:50 Next steps and questions

10:50-10:55 Wrap up and close

Improve the compatibility and quality of your stainless steel products

BSI have updated two standards in the BS EN 10088 series that ensures the consistency and quality of stainless steel products in Europe.

  • BS EN 10088-1:2023 Stainless steels. List of stainless steels
  • BS EN 10088-3:2023 Stainless steels. Technical delivery conditions for semi-finished products, bars, rods, wire, sections, and bright products of corrosion resistant steels for general purposes

Why you need the revised BS EN 10088 standards?

  • These are pivotal standards for the steel industry, providing crucial information on classification, composition, and technical specifications of stainless steels.
  • The revisions address the industry’s need for introducing new steel grades, removing outdated ones, and improving the overall clarity of the standards.

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