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Proposal: NWIP CEN ISO/TR 9241-313 – (Draft Decision C 608/2024) (CEN/TC 122 N 1807)

Please visit: NWIP CEN ISO/TR 9241-313

Comment period end date: 18/03/2024


As per ISO document:

This TR gives background and a validated methodology for optical reflection measurements for flat direct view electronic displays. This TR includes calculation methods for using measured reflection coefficients to predict display performance in specific indoor and outdoor ambient illumination conditions. This TR demonstrates optical measurements of electrophoretic displays (EPDs), as a reflective electronic visual display technology. Many methods will be also applicable to other appropriate reflective and emissive displays. This TR does not include methodology for ergonomics evaluation.


This CEN NWI is requested to develop ISO/(CD) TR 9241-313, ISO id 87939, under the Vienna Agreement process (ISO lead).

Note: in case the WI is based on documents from other organizations than ISO/IEC, please specify it here

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