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BSI Standards Committees

Standards play an important role in the economy by promoting best practice, facilitating business interaction and providing individuals and organisations with a basis for mutual understanding that facilitates communication, manufacturing and commerce. 

BSI standards committees are always open to applications for new members and would like to improve engagement with young engineers; to help industry to get the most from British Standards and to benefit from recognised best practice.

BSI will be inviting young engineers to attend one of two machine tool sub-committees; MTE/1/1 for safety and MTE/1/2 accuracy. The MTA are in a unique position and would like to offer all MTA members the opportunity for their young engineers to attend one of these two machine tool committee meetings. These meeting aims to demonstrate that standards are important for every organisation, that they help make products and services safer, improve efficiencies and quality; whilst also providing the opportunity for young engineers to influence these same standards.

For further information, please get in contact with MTA’s Technology and Skills Manager, Sami Ortiz at”