Standards play an important role in the economy by facilitating business interaction and providing individuals and organizations with a basis for mutual understanding that facilitates communication, manufacturing and commerce. Standards matter to everyone and aid in making products and services safer with increased quality and have a more important than ever role to play in trade following Brexit.

BSI standards committees are always open to applications for new members, and therefore we would like to invite all MTA members to participate and engage in BSI committees, where their knowledge and experience can be of benefit. Participating in a BSI standards committee and developing standards provides an opportunity for your company to positively influence the standards, which impact the manufacturing sector, and give you a commercial advantage when trading at a national and international level. In short, engaging in the standards development process, gives your company an opportunity to not just follow the rules, but create them.

BSI standards committees provide a transparent, consistent, and equal process for committee members to input into standards development. Furthermore, BSI provide new committee members with the tools and support they need to effectively engage in standards-making, beginning with an induction, information, training, professional development, on-going communication, and support as appropriate to their role.

Below is the list of BSI committees that the MTA covers and all the MTA Member Technical Experts that are currently participating:

If you have experience or knowledge of a particular area and you are interested in participating in any of the standards committees listed, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Sami Ortiz at [email protected].

All full members of the MTA are able to access up to 100 British Standards logging into the BSOL system (

The MTA also produce a quarterly booklet showing the latest updates to a number of pertinent standards for the manufacturing technology industry, circulated it to all the MTA members.

For further information regarding standards please get in contact with MTA’s Technology and Skills Manager, Sami Ortiz at [email protected]

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