Despite inflation creating huge challenges for businesses and consumers, and agree or disagree, it appears the UK Government is pushing ahead with their Net Zero agenda for 2050.

Across much of the world the focus on the ‘carbon agenda’ is continuing to rise, with greenwashing, carbon credits and the overall agenda coming into sharp focus for many countries. Please check the following link:  MTA – Journey To Net Zero Framework Overview.pdf

The Auditel Journey To Net Zero Carbon Programme for the MTA membership enables members to decide which programme is best for their individual needs and initiate a programme at a low cost and with minimal demand on their staff.

By utilising a British Standard (BSi PAS 2060) across the entire programme, Auditel ensure a high level of confidence in the data quality used to produce the individual reports and enable an industry-wide reporting framework to be structured, at the same time negating any claims of greenwashing and allowing MTA and their members to be viewed as a leader in the UK’s drive to Net Zero. If you would like further information on how you can get involved in the Auditel Journey To Net Zero Programme, please contact Sami Ortiz on [email protected]

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