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CE mark gets a further 12 months to end-2022

The government has confirmed that firms will be able to use the CE mark until January 1 2023 in most sectors.  You can find the announcement at and the on-line guidance at Using the UKCA marking - GOV.UK ( has also been updated.

BEIS said, in a note to trade associations, that the pandemic has made adapting to the new regime more challenging, hence the one-year extension.

“All product sectors now have until 1 January 2023 to get ready to use the UKCA marking, with the exception of medical devices. This is the final deadline and there will be no further extension. The complete list of all the sectors covered by the UKCA marking can be found here,” BEIS says.

“We are fully committed to supporting industry adapt to the UKCA regime… We are hosting our next webinar aimed at businesses on Thursday 2 September at 14:00.  This is intended to help businesses understand changes and the actions they need to take... they can register for the event using this link.

The announcement also includes a statement of the purpose of the UKCA mark.  “It allows the UK to have control over its goods regulations, maintaining the high product safety standards expected in the UK.”

Jack Semple, Secretary of EAMA (of which MTA is a member) commented that the decision is a sensible one and comes as little or no surprise. It will doubtless frustrate those firms that have prepared in time for the end-2021 deadline, which has now been put back a year.  EAMA was able to contribute solid evidence and opinion to BEIS ahead of this decision, thanks to feedback from members – as did a number of other trade bodies.  It became clear that the UK faced a combination of widespread non-compliance and the likely withdrawal of some important products from the UK market, were the end-2021 deadline to remain unchanged. 

BEIS’ position is that this is a straightforward extension to allow firms time to meet the current requirements.  There is no plan to change the UKCA scheme. 

You can check out over latest UKCA guide here: UKCA Marking | MTA - Manufacturing Technologies Association