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CECIMO Additive Manufacturing Activities Report 2018

As additive manufacturing (AM) comes of age, EU policy and regulations are becoming more and more relevant for the industry. Market access, product compliance, certification requirements and many other issues play a bigger role than ever before in influencing the growth of this sector.

We aim for a European continent that continues as a leader in innovation and industrialisation of AM technology thanks to supportive legislative, business and research framework conditions. Our goal is to make sure European decision-makers’ views on AM are aligned with those of the 15 national associations and more than 350 leading AM organisations across Europe that are part of the CECIMO’s network.

As regular and legitimate interlocuters with the EU institutions on AM, and together with the actors in our network, we have also been working towards this goal in 2018.

CECIMO are pleased to present you their recent accomplishments and challenges ahead, here: 2018 CECIMO Activities Report.

I hope you will enjoy the reading, and do not hesitate to contact us if we wish to know more about AM regulation in the EU context. Contact Joshua Dugdale at the MTA for more information