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CECIMO: European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies

CECIMO has decided to go forward with a meaningful description change that best reflects the industry the Association serves.

Machine tools are indispensable in any smart factory of the future. At the same time, fresh opportunities for innovation are constantly arising from the blurred line between the physical and digital worlds and the emergence of new technologies. This was the impetus for discussing a better description for the industry that CECIMO represents.

We believe in keeping our brand name – CECIMO – intact, as it has stood for high standards in manufacturing since 1950. While metal-forming and cutting remain at the core, our industry has evolved and matured to include other related manufacturing technologies, such as Additive Manufacturing (or 3D printing), industrial automation systems, digital solutions and platforms, robotics, and ancillary products.

Machine tool companies are embracing digital solutions and have been establishing themselves for many years as global frontrunners in advanced engineering and technologies. The General Assembly decided to reflect all of this in the following new description: CECIMO, European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies.

We want to use this new description actively in our positioning at European level, so that it is clear who we are when we approach policymakers and the general public.

“Our intention is to make clear that we represent a successful, highly forward-looking Association which includes in its scope machine tools and its related manufacturing technologies”, says Filip Geerts, CECIMO’s Director General.