The 2023 edition of the CECIMO Global Machine Tool Report has just been released and is available to members free of charge (there is a charge for non-members).  You can access this report at but you will need to be logged into the site with your members password.  This is the first set of data covering 2023 that is available for many of these countries, although the production figures are often still estimates or projections at this stage.

The CECIMO Global Machine Tool Report brings together data on production, exports, imports and, by calculation, consumption of metal working machine tools for 66 countries.  The analysis includes a split between metal cutting and metal forming machines and has been compiled by CECIMO using the best information available from a variety of sources.  There are listings of the top countries for all machine tools as well as for the two main categories – metal cutting and metal forming – and each country has its own page with a summary of the data, including a breakdown of exports and imports by product type and trading partner.

Among the highlights is a slight reduction in global (the total of the 66 countries covered by the report) machine tool consumption in 2023 for a total of €80.2 billion.  This was made up of a reduction in the consumption of metal cutting machine tools of -3.6% to €55.0 billion while sales of metal forming machines increased by +6.8% to €25.1 billion (both trends are compared to the revised data for 2022).

The UK was the 14th largest producer of machine tools in 2023 and 15th in the league table for consumption (market size).  We were also the 14th largest exporter and the 12th largest importer.

If you would like the full statistical annex to the report in excel, please contact Geoff Noon at MTA (email:  [email protected]) and we will email it to you – the annex also has the data in US$ if you prefer to use that currency.

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