This new report, compiled by CECIMO, is designed to be a compendium of data about the machine tool industry at a global level.  The database behind the report contains figures for production, exports, imports and, by calculation, consumption of machine tools in 62 countries for the period from 2019 to 2022.

Many members will be aware of the world machine tool report produced by Gardner Publications which they have been selling for the past few years.  This was the successor to a project that was started by American Machinist back in the early 1960’s;  the data source was usually the trade association in the various countries covered – this list gradually expanded over the years – and, in return, we were able to make the report available to MTA members shortly after it had been published in the magazine.

This was usually the first look at the figures for the previous year as it relied on estimates rather than final data.  However, with the monetization of the project by Gardner, we have not been able to share the report with members, even though we are still providing them with data.

As a result, CECIMO decided to compile its own report and the 2022 edition is the first product of this initiative.  Although CECIMO intends to sell this to external users, the great advantage is that we can make this freely available to members of the association – therefore, you can download the 2022 report from our website at (note that you will need to login to access this as it is strictly for members only) and the database is available in excel format if you would like this.

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