CECIMO, the European group for associations representing manufacturers of machine tools and related manufacturing technologies, has published its June Newsletter which you can find at https://www.cecimo.eu/newsletter/cecimo-newsletter-june-2023/.  Among the topics covered are stories on:

  • The CECIMO Machine Tools Innovation Awards, the deadline for which has been extended to 1st September.
  • A paper titled Transformation of Manufacturing – this looks at the impact of the shift towards sustainable practices and digital solutions in advanced manufacturing and the subsequent difficulties faced by companies in finding the necessary workforce with digital and green skills.
  • A position paper looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Machine Tools, which explores the current status of AI in the EU, its impact on the machine tools sector, standards development for AI in manufacturing and potential use cases of this technology in the sector.
  • A round up of various other CECIMO news items, including the Manufacturing Performance Days event in Finland this week, steel users calling on the EU to terminate the EU steel safeguard measures and the forthcoming Data Act that is being proposed by the European Commission.
  • An update on a couple of EU projects

Finally, please note that there is an item announcing that the CECIMO Economic and Statistical Toolbox – a compendium of data for and about our sector at various levels – is available for sale.  Members of MTA can get this free of charge by contacting Geoff Noon (email:  [email protected]).

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