In response to the increasing demand for skilled workforce in the emerging digital and green era, CECIMO has initiated a survey to produce a comprehensive report that will complement the study on “Transformation of Manufacturing: Embracing Digital and Green Skills. This survey aims to establish an up-to-date skills database as a valuable reference for industrial stakeholders, education centres and policymakers.

Having said this, your participation in this survey is of utmost importance for enhancing existing skills studies and analysis in Advanced Manufacturing. We encourage you to share this survey with your industry members.

Click here to complete the survey

This 15-minute survey addresses skill requirements in various manufacturing departments, offering several advantages to European industries, including:

  • Staying informed about evolving landscape of skills demands and emerging professional profiles
  • Aligning Educational curricula with market needs.
  • Asserting CECIMO’s position within European Institutions by highlighting current skills shortages and recruitment challenges in advanced manufacturing;

This survey will remain open until Wednesday, 22 November 2023.

Based on the survey results, CECIMO Secretariat will develop a study that will be shared with all companies that took a part in the CECIMO Survey.

Your help in distributing this survey to your members would be greatly appreciated.

For any inquiries on this matter, you can contact me or my colleague Olha Hunchak ([email protected]).

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