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CECIMO Toolbox, 1st Quarter 2019

The latest edition of the CECIMO Toolbox draws together a wide range of data about and around the machine tool industry and sets it out in a way that guides the reader to find what they are looking for quickly.  The five sections cover historical data, demand, investment, the business climate and general indicators.

The introduction provides an executive summary of the latest trends;  it notes that machine tool orders in Europe fell in the 1st quarter, a trend that was matched in Asia.  The figures for trade (exports) also reflect general economic activity with the slowdown in global trade matched in the machine tool data.  Although investment picked up in this quarter, a slowdown is expected over the coming couple of years, with capacity utilisation rates falling.

The CECIMO Economic & Statistical Tool box is attached below for MTA members to download;  if you have any problems with this, it is also available from the CECIMO web-site at

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