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At its recent Council meeting, CELIMO (the European group for associations representing importers and distributors in our industry) published its State of Trade Report - you can download this below.  The report covers some general economic indicators such as GDP, inflation and unemployment and also shows the recent trend for the manufacturing PMI - the latter shows an increasing trend across most European countries over the past 4 months although Turkey slipped back into negative territory in May as a result of a rise in Covid cases leading to a 20 day lockdown.

The CELIMO State of Trade Report also includes headline trends in the market for both machine tools and cutting tools, although this data is not available for all countries.  For machine tools, these show some recovery in 2021 but these are generally modest and much less than the fall recorded in 2020.  For cutting tools the 2021 recovery is, in most cases, generally stronger than for machine tools and closer to balancing the reductions seen last year.

The CELIMO Council meeting also included an exchange of information between the delegations and this is summarised in the Economic Report which is also attached below.  This document includes slides highlighting the economic situation from some of the delegations.

For those of you who are active on social media, you can follow CELIMO on @celimo_eu (Twitter) and @celimo-eu (LinkedIn).  Next week, these will feature a series of summaries of the latest data for the individual countries based on the State of Trade Report.