Running a business comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to accommodating all the different types of leave, not to mention staying up to date with all the changes to employment leave policy that have come into play.

Don’t worry! Join our Associate Member Citation covering all the important details of the new Carer’s Leave Act, the changes to Maternity Leave and some of the other types of less common leave that may also come your way. This session will provide you with essential insights to navigate the evolving legal framework and support your business effectively. 

 In this free 1-hour session they will cover:  


  • Holiday leave: Understanding recent changes
  • Paternity leave: What’s changed?
  • Carers leave: Making sure you’re supporting your team effectively
  • Maternity leave


And more!    

Join Webinar ‘HR Essentials – Your crash course in employee leave’, taking place Wednesday 8 May at 2 pm where there will be some light shed on managing employee leave effectively.

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