Welcome to our second Summit this time in Manchester at the NFM where we plan to think about the way in which we need to adapt and engage in trading internationally.

Could there be a better time to talk to experts about trading internationally and what a weak pound really means?

Here’s the programme for the day….

Do arrive a little early to share a cup of coffee and take in the views of Manchester from the 6th floor of the Urbris Building.

10:00 Keynote address: Discussing the real issues facing international trade – led by Lesley Batchelor OBE using results from UK based MakeUK and HSBC Global Survey – what really is happening?

10:45 Coffee

11:15 Arne Mielken- The new Customs Documentation System (CDS) what is happening and are there any workarounds?

11:45 Barry Leahey MBE, a northern powerhouse based company that has succeeded internationally in over 50 countries who will chat about his experiences and tips!

12:15 Changing face of FX payments and how to manage to remain competitive

-World First

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Open Space Workshop – a brilliant way of walking, talking and thinking. 4 Open Space places to talk about the impacts on international trade for SMEs of the following:

  1. World First to take a workstream on FX mitigation?
  2. ESG focus on what governance means in terms of compliance
  3. Trade Resilience – what shape can this take for SMEs?
  4. What do you need from a Single-Window interface?

14:45 Tea

15:00 Ecommerce and ANT Marketplaces – De-risking international trade by seeking new markets

15:30 Summation and final questions

16:00 close

SIITACE is proud to represent the independent international trade and customs experts and to bring them together into one space for you to learn and share your concerns, issues, and future plans.

We are committed to being part of the solution as we hope you are too?

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Lesley Batchelor OBE – Chair SIITACE.org

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