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Contract Price Adjustment Service

Do you have long-term contracts, either with customers or suppliers? Have you thought about incorporating something in the contract that allows you to adjust the price according to changes in input costs?

On behalf of members, MTA subscribe to a service provided by our colleagues at BEAMA which gives a monthly track of key indices on labour and materials costs. Of course, you need to get the principle and the relevant formulas included in the contract, but this gives you a way of updating the relevant prices independently. If you would like more details on this, please contact Geoff Noon ( at MTA; we can send you a copy of the latest report and some typical formulae and can have a discussion about whether or not this would be useful for you.

It would be useful to know if any members are interested in this service as we are reviewing whether it is economic or not to continue with it given its current very low level of use by members.