We believe the role of manufacturers has never been more important in making the sustainable changes we need to see in how we live day to day, how we travel and how we consume and power our activity.

Those manufacturers are facing some incredibly difficult challenges: finding people with the right skills, managing costs at base during recent times of high inflation, securing the supplies needed at a time when borders and what can move across them are in question, and planning for potential changes in regulations which might impact the process and products.

Against this backdrop, resource and energy efficiency becomes hugely important. Manufacturers who can manage their energy consumption and resource consumption well will not only cope better with increased costs but are likely to have more resilient businesses.

Manufacturing and Materials Week will give manufacturers an opportunity to reflect on what resource and energy efficiency might mean for them. How can we reduce consumption of raw and other materials? What can we learn from companies that have done this well? What are the opportunities that thinking about resource and energy efficiency might open up to us?

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