As the employment law landscape continues to evolve, employers face a raft of new legislation changes set to come into effect in 2024. From amendments to the Equality Act 2010 to adjustments in the minimum wage and holiday pay regulations, staying informed about these developments is crucial for businesses to ensure compliance and uphold the rights of their employees.

Croner will explore the key upcoming changes and their potential impact, providing employers with essential insights to navigate the evolving legal framework and support their workforce effectively.

The following legal changes have been confirmed by government but may not have an exact implementation date as of yet.

Changes confirmed…

Working time and holiday – 1st January 2024

Requirement to keep records of daily working time is removed; effect of emergency Covid legislation on annual leave carry over ends; case law position on a weeks’ pay and annual leave carry over during sickness and statutory leave committed to law.

National living wage

For pay reference periods starting on or after 1st April 2024

National Living Wage threshold will be lowered to include 21-year-olds. Rate will be £11.44 per hour. Rate for those aged 18-20 will be £8.60; rate for those over school age but not yet 18 will be £6.40; apprentice rate will be £6.40.

Illegal workers

Expected 22nd January 2024

Fines payable by employers who employ illegal workers will increase. The fine for a first breach is currently £15,000 but this is set to increase to £45,000 per illegal worker. For repeated breaches, the fine will increase from £20,000 up to £60,000.

Working time and holiday

For new leave years starting on or after 1st April 2024

New method in place to calculate holiday entitlement for irregular hours workers and part year workers. Rolled up holiday pay will be lawful again.

Flexible working

6th April 2024 for removal of 26 week qualifying period

Qualifying employees will be able to make a flexible working request from the first day of employment. Other changes to the system, including an increase to two requests per year and a requirement to deal with requests within two months rather than three months, are also expected to take place at the same time.

Statutory payments

Start of April 2024

Statutory Sick Pay will increase to £116.75 per week; Statutory Maternity/Paternity/Adoption/Shared Parental/Parental Bereavement Pay will increase to £184.03 per week.

Carer’s leave

6th April 2024

Under the Carer’s Leave Act 2023, employees with defined caring responsibilities will have a right to take up to one working week of unpaid leave per 12 months in relation to those responsibilities.

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