Advanced engineering companies with an interest in exporting to China are invited to submit entries for a catalogue that is being prepared by the Department for Business and Trade’s office in Beijing, responsible for promoting both exports and Chinese investment into the UK.  A first edition is already published, with around 60 firms listed, and a second edition is planned for this autumn.

UK Advanced Engineering – Capacity Catalogue is an initiative from DBT’s Beijing office, which sees considerable export opportunity for British firms in the machinery and component supply chain, notwithstanding the caution of many UK firms.  The catalogue is highlighted to potential customers in China.  It also has the consequence of highlighting participating companies to embassy staff, who are talking to Chinese firms.

The first edition is online here:

The entry and Chinese translation, if required, are free of charge.  Companies should provide a logo, one or two photographs and a short description that is tailored to the Chinese.  It would not, therefore, be appropriate to include products or services for which an export licence would be refused.  A Chinese translation can be submitted but DBT offers to translate. 

Firms will also have the option of having their entry included in a planned Digital UK Pavilion, hosted by Sumec Technology, a state-owned business which has supported Chinese exporters over the past 30 years and has a massive database of SMEs.  A memorandum of understanding was signed with Sumec to develop the site last year.  No country-specific index exists on the Sumac website at present.

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