Accelerating the transition of the automotive industry

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) exists to help accelerate the transition to a net-zero automotive industry through funding, support, and insights. We do this by working with industry, academia, and government to highlight the challenges and opportunities.

Formed in 2013 to help the automotive industry meet the challenges of decarbonisation identified by the Automotive Council.

Our unique relationship with the automotive industry, and the political and academic landscape means collaboratively we drive the right commercial and strategic outcomes for the benefit of the UK. Our bridging position, between the industry and the innovation means we can influence up and down the ecosystem taking a science superpower to an industrial superpower.

We provide funding and support to enable organisations to develop cutting-edge technologies, build supply chains and invest in the facilities that will answer some of the biggest challenges we face in achieving green transport.

Throughout our funding streams our teams of handpicked specialists can provide support for innovative, low carbon technologies that offer significant reductions in CO2 emissions that will help grow the UK’s automotive supply chain in the process.

Our Collaborative R&D competitions are our original funding mechanism. We fund a range of technologies that help the UK transition to net-zero emission vehicles. R&D funding supports projects in implementing new propulsion technologies and processes including passenger car, bus, off-highway and heavy-duty.

Designed to encourage the UK industry back to R&D after the COVID-19 pandemic the Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator (ARMD[LH1] [NB2] [ES3] ) competition supports UK Industry continuation with R&D after the COVID-19 pandemic. These small-scale collaborative projects focus on products and processes across energy storage & management, power electronics, electric machines, lightweighting, and hydrogen.[PO4] [LH5] 

The Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF) is a funding programme created to support large-scale industrialisation. Up to £850 million of funding will be invested in developing a high-value end-to-end electrified automotive supply chain in the UK. The fund is highlighted as an important mechanism to reach targets in the UK Government’s 10-Point Plan for a green industrial revolution and its Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Our Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) is here to support SMEs, whether start-ups, spinouts, or more mature organisations, who have an early-stage transport technology concept and want to accelerate their route to market. With up to £170,000 of combined grant funding, technical support, and business mentoring, TDAP can help you take your innovation to the next level.

We are proud to support the annual Niche Vehicle Network (NVN) Collaborative R&D Production Readiness competition. Jointly funded by APC and Innovate UK, this competition run by Niche Vehicle Network with support from Cenex, provides grants for UK SMEs and their supply chains to take existing low carbon vehicle technologies from demonstration through to production readiness in a compressed timescale, leading to significant economic benefits whilst reducing CO2 emissions. There is match funding available to support projects to the value of £500,000 through this competition.

In addition to funding support, to help equip you with all the information you need on the road to zero, we have developed foresights and insights. Our roadmaps give predictions of the future of the automotive industry using consensus across industry, academia, and government offering organisations valuable insight into product innovation and market development in the coming years. Our insights and quarterly demand reports provide additional context behind the challenges and opportunities as we transition to net-zero.[PO6] 

On April 24th we launched our latest report during a Westminster reception entitled ‘Business critical: Understanding the material life cycle’. The purpose of this report is to provide insight into how the sector needs to transition its product lifecycle thinking if the industry is going to deliver on its net zero targets. The first section of the report looks at what life cycle analysis means for the sector, highlighting some of the challenges that will need to be overcome. This will require businesses to apply common frameworks and tools which can help decisions to be made on material selection internationally.

We also showcase the latest and greatest developments in low-carbon automotive technology. Whether it is highlighting to government the amazing work being done in the UK, providing a stage for organisations at some of the biggest trade shows in key markets worldwide, or sharing the success stories of our projects.

How can we make your project a success?

  • Funding to boost your R&D capability
  • Build connections with specialist partners to add new expertise and collaboration to your project team
  • Broaden knowledge, realise greater efficiencies, and deliver more value at speed
  • Support and guidance during the funding application process
  • Opportunities to showcase technology where it matters
  • Access to the latest industry insights to support strategy development

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@Natalie Baldock where can I link to on the website [LH1]

 about ARMD?

i dont believe there’s any info on the website about ARMD currently. @Evie Steward ? [NB2]

Yes we don’t have an ARMD2 page on the website yet, it’ll go live on the open date. Best we have at the moment is Collaborative R&D (CR&D) Competitions – Advanced Propulsion Centre ( or Collaborative R&D opportunities in 2023 – Advanced Propulsion Centre ( [ES3]

Do we want this in as not yet gone live with ARMD2? [PO4]

@Philippa Oldham I would say keep it so we cover all of our funding streams? [LH5]

Do we want to signpost roadmaps or QD data? Or Westminster report?  [PO6]

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