The ‘Share Your Skills’ campaign is calling on skilled manufacturing workers to share their valuable expertise with the next generation by teaching in further education (FE) part-time.

Given our shared ambition to inspire more talent into our industry, we’d love your support in encouraging more manufacturing professionals to consider teaching part-time in further education alongside their current job. Further education is any formal learning for those 16+ that’s not a degree, spanning a wide range of vocational and academic subject areas, with a particular demand for manufacturing professionals.

Why should you support the campaign?

  • Only with FE teachers who have up-to-date experience of their industry can we ensure learners are suitably trained to meet your needs as employers.
  • By sharing their skills with the next generation of manufacturing professionals, your staff can also develop critical transferable skills that can be brought back into your business, boosting their personal development.
  • Supporting your employees to teach part-time in FE is a powerful way of demonstrating your commitment to developing the talent and skills pipeline we need in our sector and your corporate social responsibility.
  • FE teaching can be flexible, giving your members the opportunity to change lives without needing to change their career, with part-time contracts available to fit around work and other existing commitments. This may particularly appeal to those looking for new development opportunities alongside their current career, nearing retirement but wanting to stay connected to their industry, or seeking a less physical role within the sector.

Industry skills are invaluable within FE and many of your employees may not realise they already have what it takes to be a great FE teacher – and you don’t always need a prior teaching qualification to get started as you can train whilst on the job. So, if you’re interested in supporting your employees to share their skills, encourage them to visit the Teach in FE website to find out how.

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