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Digitising Manufacturing Event at the MTC

On the 15th November, MTA staff members attended the Manufacturing Technologies Centre (MTC) in Coventry event on Digitising Manufacturing 2016. The event looked at global developments in, and the application of digital manufacturing technologies. Speakers included UK pioneers of the fourth industrial revolution as well as industry experts from Germany and across Europe. The presentations given covered a range of topics, such as Policy, Education and Training, Work Environment, Implementation and Standards. Of particular interest was the presentation by Lina Huertas, the Strategy Lead on Digital Engineering at the MTC, titled ‘How can Digital Manufacturing be delivered in SMEs and MidCaps’.

The MTA had a stand at the event where they were able to engage with a number of attendees.  Joshua Dugdale, the MTA Technical Manager, said “It was a really interesting event which covered a number of key areas associated with digital manufacturing. What was particularly fascinating was seeing some case studies, such as the presentation by company Hayward Tyler (UK Success Story: Engineering and Business Integration at Hayward Tyler) which provided a real example of how they were implementing aspects of Industry 4.0 in to how they operate”. The presentations given during the event are to become available for download from the MTC website in the near future.