As you know the MTA include an Education and Development Zone at the MACH Exhibition.

The E&D zone at MACH 2024 will be a unique opportunity for you to engage directly with your future engineers.

MACH 2024 will give students the opportunity to tour the exhibition and see first-hand the amazing innovative engineering technology used and developed in the sector, as well as discover the incredible opportunities available to them.  The MACH 2024 E&D Zone is going to feature many exciting activities including F1 in schools who will also be exhibiting and Aston Martin Racing F1 car.

It is a sad fact that many students will miss out on this opportunity due to the costs of travel. Many schools will have no choice but to pass this cost onto the parents.

The typical cost of a coach is in the region of £500. The MTA would like to invite exhibitors at MACH 2024 to help us to ensure that all schools in the UK have the same opportunity to attend by donating to help us to support those schools who need help.

All donating companies will have their logos added to the Education & Development Zone supporter’s wall.

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