EAMA has written to Rishi Sunak, congratulating him on becoming prime minister and recalling the priorities he set out early this year: “Capital. People. Ideas”.  It offers support.

EAMA argues that, despite fiscal pressures, capital investment in infrastructure projects is needed from government to support vital investment by businesses, not only in equipment but also in skills.  EAMA urges more flexibility in the apprenticeship levy but says the greater skills challenge is for SMEs.

On ideas, the UK needs to be more effective at getting lasting benefit.  There is currently a fault line in policy between innovation on the one hand and commercialising and manufacturing products on the other, which needs to be addressed, EAMA tells the PM.

Government advocacy and support is especially important in sectors that compete internationally, such as manufacturing, EAMA says.  And it urges Sunak to re-state the imperative to boost manufacturing, identified by the government eight months ago.

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