EAMA, of which MTA is a member, has submitted evidence to International Trade Committee for its inquiry into the EU trading relationship.

The six-page submission seeks to set out an objective overview of member firms’ experiences so far and views for the future, mindful that the impact of Brexit will vary according to circumstances and opinions.  The submission does not attempt to be comprehensive but aims to highlight the most important issues and areas where there is a need for improved government processes.

Our trading relationship with the EU is of great importance across EAMA’s membership.  The alliance aims to continue gathering evidence, and feedback from member firms, about the positive and negative influences of our changed and evolving relationship with the EU.  To read the submission, click here:  https://www.eama.info/downloads/EAMA_submission_ITC_EU_trading_relationship_inquiry.pdf

We would welcome your views and evidence now and in the future, as they will be of great help both for our engagement with government and prompting discussions among our own members.  As always, your feedback will be in confidence unless you say otherwise.  If you have any insights that you would like to share, please send them to Jack Semple, Secretary of EAMA (email:  [email protected]);  we would also appreciate a copy which can be sent to Karen Finegold (email: [email protected]).

*EAMA’s submission is in the first tranche of evidence to the committee.  Submissions have also been made by, among others, the Federation of Small Businesses, the Agricultural Industries Confederation, and the British Egg Council.  They are available to view on the ITC’s website here:  https://committees.parliament.uk/work/1028/ukeu-trading-relationship/publications/written-evidence/

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