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UK Business; activity, size and location 2019:  At the heart of all the surveys that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) carries out is a business register; this allows them to make estimates for the whole economy based on a sample of companies.  While this is not a publicly available document in terms of names and contacts, the ONS does publish an analysis each year of the number of businesses by their industry, size (employment and turnover bands) and location (region, country, local authority and parliamentary constituency).

If you are looking, for example, to get an idea of how many companies there are in the Automotive industry (remember, this often includes supply chain companies as well as the large OEM’s) in various regions of the UK and then to break that down by company size, then there is a table in the (rather large) spread-sheet that will help you.  It does not tell you who they are and all the figures are rounded to the nearest 5, but it could be a useful guide if you are looking to assess whether your sales teams are in the right place.

You can download the spread-sheet from the ONS web-site at and looks for the article that was published on 02 October) or you can request it from MTA.

Investment Grants in Scotland:  The Scottish Government still uses a grant based system for supporting investment - Regional Selective Assistance (RSA);  details of this scheme are available at They produce a report that includes accepted offers and payments made and the report for the 2nd quarter of 2019 can be downloaded at or is available on request from MTA (we can also add you to a mailing list to receive these reports as they become available).  Although these grants cover the whole economy, you might find some new contacts among those companies who have recently received grants.