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ECTA Conference 2018

The presentations from the recent conference organised by the European Cutting Tools Association (ECTA) in Italy are available to download from the web-site.

The presentations include:

  • An overview of the European economy and the manufacturing sector from an Italian perspective (Marco Fortis, Fondazione Edison)
  • The European Cutting Tool sector, including data on the six countries that are members of ECTA (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK)
  • A report on Electrification of the Automotive Powertrain compiled by FEV Consulting GmbH
  • From Industry 4.0 to Enterprise 4.0 - a view of how business models can and will change in the light of new technology (Professor Marco Taisch, Politecnico de Milano)
  • The importance of High-Performance Teams (Gianluigi Zanovello, Italian Air Display Team)