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ECTA - the European Cutting Tools Association - held its Spotlight meeting on-line last week.  We now have the presentations and you can download the key one below.  These cover:

  • The situation for the manufacturing industries in Europe.  There is an overview of the trading situation for European manufacturers and the situation in the EU, as well as a two-page “spotlight” summarizing the data in each of the 6 major European economies covered by ECTA (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK).  These highlight similar reductions in trade of tooling in 2020.
  • A forecast outlook on how the tooling industry will develop after the pandemic.  While the actual tooling forecasts are only for order intake in Germany, the general indictors such as confidence and the sources of uncertainty read across the whole industry.
  • A paper from VDMA looking at vehicle electrification and how it is transforming the automotive industry.  As well as looking at battery power, the paper includes fuel cell technology as the long-term solution where an application needs a hybrid of some sort.  The business impact section looks at the losses in mature technologies that will be replaced and balances them against the growth from emerging technologies needed for battery and fuel cell power.  Of course, this does not necessarily mean that individual companies affected by the decline in mature technologies (IC engines, transmission parts, etc.) will be able to switch over to the new technologies (battery components, power electronics, etc.).  This is well worth a read if you have a business interest in the automotive industry.

These papers can be downloaded below and we are working to bring together the actual data on the tooling market in each of the six countries – we will let you know when that is available.