The Education and Development Committee is looking for new support from MTA membership. The committee are also looking to bring some apprentices and graduates on board to help shape the MTA Education and Development Policies.

Education & Development Committee Member Terms & Conditions

  • Must be a full or associate member of the MTA.
  • A role that engages with or helps to promote Education/Learning/Training within their company is desirable.
  • Must have an interest in promoting and engaging with educational work of the MTA, for both outreach activities and member services
  • Committee members should endeavour to attend as many committee meetings as possible, with 3 of 4 meetings per year as a guideline. Should a committee member miss 3 consecutive meetings they may be asked to step down from the committee.
  • Apprentices and Graduates who meet the above criteria are welcome and encouraged to join committee.

The E&D Committee membership will be reviewed once every four years, from the date that the current Chairman was elected.  This will ensure that all members of the Committee are given the opportunity to leave or recommend rotation of members if they wish, and to give other Committee members the opportunity to gain experience as the Chairman. The Education & Development Committee welcomes aims to have representation of 20% apprentices and graduates.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Education & Development Committee please contact Danny Reed on 07926 581669 or [email protected]

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