In the context of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections this summer, CECIMO has developed a policy recommendation document aimed at strengthening the manufacturing sector value chain.  While the UK, of course, won’t be a part of these elections, it has some useful pointers for our own electoral process which will take place sometime in the next 11 months.

There are six themes in the CECIMO document:

  1. Launching a European Industrial Strategy
  2. Slowing-down the EU Legislative Train
  3. Investing in Productivity and Implementation of the Twin Transition
  4. Tackling Europe’s Skills Needs
  5. Increasing EU Competitiveness via Trade Agreements
  6. Empowering Market Surveillance Authorities to Protect the EU Market from Unsafe Products

You can get more details on all of these points from the CECIMO website at and there is also a link to download the document as a pdf file.

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