We want to share some exciting news; Bonham & Brook has been working on a new energy price relief scheme that came into effect April 2023 and runs until March 2024.

It’s available to most manufacturing companies and is a 5p saving on their electric unit rate and 3p on gas. This is not an automatic discount applied like the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, you must meet the qualifying criteria in the application.

There is a tight deadline for application and approval however, businesses only have until July 26th to apply for this.

An Online Clinic will be held next week on Wednesday 5th at 12:00pm which will bring members up to speed.

Please register through the following link: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/76afeb15-a833-47aa-bd8d-e484de5924f8@b948a412-4f3c-4816-ad28-2163d56c5a51 For further information on this presentation, please contact Jack Mellor at [email protected] or 07449 540 723

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