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Engineering Heroes

One of the really positive things about the Covid Crisis has been the way in which the engineering and manufacturing sectors have stepped up to provide medical and other equipment at a time of dire need.

Like us, you probably hope that these efforts will be properly recognised and help to shape the public perception of manufacturing and engineering for years to come. Here at the MTA we want to do something to make sure this happens.

With that in mind, we have been happy to support MA Business, publisher of such engineering titles as Machinery, The Engineer, Eureka!, and many others in its new campaign #EngineeringHeroes.

#EngineeringHeroes uses MA Business’s portfolio of engineering brands to celebrate the people, companies and technologies that have made up engineering’s massive contribution during this time and to ensure those stories get the maximum possible exposure. It aims to keep engineering’s crucial contribution during this time in the public eye and to ensure that it is not forgotten.

At the MTA, we fully support that aim and that’s why, in addition to lending our support to it, we are encouraging our members to do the same.

If you want to become a supporter of #EngineeringHeroes, it costs you nothing. You can simply go to and click on the ‘Support the Campaign’ button. Equally, if you have a story to tell, click ‘Submit an article’ to ensure your contribution is recognised.