Your UK trade body is a member of EURIS, an organisation which represents industrial product suppliers covered by the Single Market. EURIS represents sectors with a turnover of over £148 billion and covers sectors responsible for over 25% of total UK goods imports and exports. EURIS has twelve trade body members: AMDEA, BCA, BCAS, BEAMA, BPMA, EAMA, FEA, FETA, GAMBICA, LIA, MTA, REA

EURIS is fortunate to have regular meetings with the BEIS Minister Lee Rowley MP (Minister for Industry) and in our most recent meeting we raised the issue of skills shortages with the Minister as this is a subject of concern for EURIS members. Minister Rowley indicated he would welcome more information on this and ahead of our next ministerial meeting in early September, we are gathering data from all EURIS trade association members about skills gaps and vacancies across the advanced manufacturing sector.

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