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The report of the latest round of the European Additive Manufacturing Survey has been released by CECIMO;  the survey, which looks at the likely trends for business over the next six months, is carried out via the national associations who are members of CECIMO with MTA handling the UK element of the survey.  You can download the survey below.

This round of the survey showed an improvement in the business conditions for both the domestic and export markets in all 4 of the sections of the AM industry - machinery, materials, parts made using AM and services.  There had been positive balances (the number of companies saying that business would be “up” minus the number reporting “down”) in the Spring survey but they were all stronger in the Autumn edition.

However, looking at the market by material type, we do see some differences.  There were strong positive balances for both metals and plastics but, while still positive, the balances were in single digits for both ceramics and composites.

For the user industries question, in all cases the positive balance was better than in the Soring survey, although the strength ranged from +24 for aerospace, through +36 for chemicals/pharmaceuticals and +37 for automotive to +61 for the machinery industry and +82 for medical applications.

Finally, the survey points to an improvement in investment over the next six months with a positive balance of +33 (broadly the same as in the Spring survey) although over half of the respondents said that there would be no change.

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