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CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies, organized the first of what is intended to be a biannual survey of trends in the European market for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry.

Although this was something of a pilot study and, inevitably given the timing (the study looked at the prospects for the next 6 months), the trends were largely positive with the 2nd/3rd wave of Covid-infections not really foreseen at that time, there are some interesting snippets from the survey results.

By product type, it was noticeable that the outlook for AM machines was weaker than for materials, parts and services for both total and export business.  The trends for working with different materials were similar, although plastics was slightly ahead of the others while ceramics lagged slightly behind.

The most notable variation was the analysis of the prospects by industry where, although the overall view was generally positive, there were negative balances for both the automotive and aerospace markets.

You can get more details from the Press Release which is attached below or can be downloaded from the CECIMO website at

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