Unwrapping the Patent Box for manufacturing technology businesses: 

why changes to Corporation Tax mean you won’t want to miss out 

By the very nature of the manufacturing technologies sector, MTA members invariably operate at the cutting edge of industry – automation, robotics and digitalisation. 

As the businesses behind the advanced machinery that enables the creation of the products powering our economy, your innovation is what helps you to stay ahead of the competition.  

Patent Box could give you a valuable benefit, especially with April’s Corporation Tax rise making the reduced rate of 10% available on profits attributable to your IP even more generous.  

Patent Box works in conjunction with R&D tax relief, incentivising the full innovation life cycle. That means more funds for you to invest back into your business, powering the next product or process breakthrough. 

Who should attend: 


Finance Directors 

In-house tax teams 



Wednesday 29 March 

Time: 12.00 – 12.45 

Webinar background: 

MTA members new to Patent Box will benefit from a practical overview of how it works and the benefits it delivers, while those already familiar with the regime can find out more about the synergies between Patent Box, R&D tax relief and other innovation incentives.  

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn to identify untapped IP and R&D which may have been overlooked 
  • Understand what qualifies for relief, including popular misconceptions 
  • Quantify what Patent Box could be worth to your business 


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