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Free Webinar 2022: Ready for big UK Customs changes?

The current easement of delaying declarations when import goods into free circulation in Great Britain from EU free circulation expires on 31 December 2021. From this moment on, businesses need to make full import declarations. There are also new import controls that are coming up throughout the year, together with global changes at WCO level. This has important supply chain, cost and organisations implications for EU and UK businesses. Businesses, small and big, need to prepare.

We invite you to join our free webinar to learn from Customs Experts:

  • What are the changes in 2022 that businesses need to know about
  • What is a full customs declaration and how should businesses prepare for these
  • Shall I lodge customs declaration myself or hire a customs agent?
  • Indirect vs Direct Agent, roles and responsibilities
  • Instructions of your Agent
  • GVMS and GMR
  • CHIEF vs CDS
  • Upcoming import controls of 2022 (IPAFFS, EHC, PEACH etc)
  • Impact of WCO HS 2022
  • What businesses can do

The webinar will be hosted by Arne Mielken, an acclaimed leading customs and global trade expert in the UK and the EU, who advises all types of businesses on how to implement efficient and effective customs controls, processes and procedures.

Join Customers Manager on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 from 2-3 pm GMT / 3-4 pm CET. – REGISTER HERE