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Gender Pay Reporting - raising awareness

If your organisation has more than 250 staff, from 6 April you will be required to publish information and an explanation on the extent of your gender pay gap.  Thinking about what you will do to decrease the gender pay gap will support your organisation’s productivity levels, where everyone’s skills and talents can be maximised.

Gender Pay Reporting is different from legislation around equal pay, as it looks at all employees across your organisation, rather than comparing the pay of people in the same roles.

Acas and the Government Equalities Office (GEO) have published free practical advice on how to calculate, report, explain and what to do about any existing gender pay gap at  The snapshot date on which to base calculations for the public sector was 31 March 2017; and for the private and voluntary sectors it was 5 April 2017.  Reporting has to be published by 4th April 2018, although many organisations are choosing to publish early.  You can find lots of free tools and templates on the webpage to help you, including:

-Free guidance on the new legislation

-Gender Pay Gap regulations template

-Myths Buster

-Obligations Checklist

Also look out for blogs from a range of experts over the next weeks: The first of these by Audrey Williams, Partner at Fox Williams LLP sets out what GPR is really a