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Help wanted with PAS guide to achieving trusted and secure measurements from networked sensors in a digital manufacturing environment

BSI is working with Innovate UK to develop a PAS guide to achieving trusted and secure measurements from networked sensors in a digital manufacturing environment. They are looking for people to make up a review group to give feedback on the content of the PAS. If anyone is interested in participating please contact

The provisional scope of the document is as follows:

This PAS gives guidance on the application of metric quality and security measures for measurements generated by internet-connected sensors and transmitted over a secure network (internet/intranet), in a manufacturing production line, or manufacturing service (e.g. digital twin or third-party servitisation).

It covers:

a) trustworthy precision of sensor measurements, in a production environment, for a standard set of metrics delivered in a secure network;

b) trustworthy assertion of trueness of calibration of sensors, in a digital manufacturing environment, over a secure internet/intranet;

c) identification of sensor entities and associated measurements;

d) provenance of the data transmitted and received in a production environment;

e) essential considerations for privacy and ethics (e.g. relative to GDPR);

f) relationship with internet of things (IoT) catalogues;

g) security of internet communication between a sensor and dependent components within a protected firewall/secure network (barrier to cyber-attack);

h) methods for mitigating operational imprecision and security threats to data, information, physical components, technical systems, and associated processes that might affect the people who use – directly or indirectly, work with, handle, or are nearby products that rely upon measurements from IIoT sensors;

i) measures to handle the normal operational tolerances of sensors, as well as to deter and/or disrupt hostile, malicious, fraudulent and criminal behaviours or activities that are directly associated with such measurements; and

j) technological aspects including safety, authenticity, availability (including reliability), confidentiality, integrity, possession, resilience and utility (including precision and trueness).

This PAS in particular references and complements relevant security-mindedness standards.

Note: Where possible, existing approaches to precision, trueness and security are leveraged, by integrating essential concepts and by reference as appropriate.

It does not cover:

1) quantum sensing;

2) independent validation of measurement assurance;

3) sensing outside of a manufacturing environment (non-M2M, IIOT technologies).

This PAS is for use by organizations which design, build, sell and maintain internet-enabled sensors for digital manufacturing applications and who acquire, integrate and maintain them in operational deployments.

It might also be of interest to the managers who manage business, legal and compliance risks associated with such products, their deployments, and of the data and information that originates from them.

In particular, these users include those deploying over the top retro-fitted sensors in their systems, as well as those who internet-enable their embedded sensors capabilities in production environments.