I am sure that by now you will have all heard the deeply sad news of the loss of our Queen.

The Manufacturing Technologies Association will pause all communications on social media until Monday as a tribute and mark of respect, excluding today with this simple message of information.

We understand that the nation will now enter a 10-day mourning period after which there will be a state funeral. We have been advised that the day of the state funeral will be a ‘day of national mourning’ but believe this will not be a public holiday.

With Her Majesty’s passing, Prince Charles has become King. He is permitted to choose his own name and is expected to become King Charles III. At this stage, a meeting of the Accession Council will take place at St James’ Palace and all formalities will take place. He will be named King one day after the Queen’s death and after his siblings have ceremoniously kissed his hand. Proclamations will be made and while the Queen lies in state, Charles will visit Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. His first words as monarch will take place at St James’s Palace.

The coronation of King Charles III will be planned a few months after the funeral, and the title of Prince of Wales will move to Prince William, although not immediately.

As we receive further information we will of course ensure communications to all of our Members next week.

With best wishes


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