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HSSMI Circular Economy Bootcamp

Are you a decision maker who wants to learn more about circular economy?

Then this HSSMI Bootcamp is for you. Our subject matter experts in circular economy

will explain how circular economy principles can be applied in complex

environments, aiming to make your business more profitable, innovative, and

environmentally sustainable.

Circular economy in complex and high-risk environments

  • Focus on manufacturing and other industries
  • Opportunity to network
  • Access to the exclusive HSSMI Circular Economy Network
  • Diagnostic circular economy readiness assessment
  • Developing roadmaps to accelerate circular benefits
  • for your business
  • Access to a library of reports and further CE content

The Bootcamp will cover:


How much will it cost?

When is it?

£300 with the exclusive Early Bird offer

19 Feb - Glasgow | 25 Feb - London

27 Feb - Birmingham


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What do you need?

Why have we created the Circular Economy Readiness Review?

Adapting to and implementing circular economy principles requires systemic thinking.

HSSMI and the British Standards Institution (BSI) recognise that there is a lack of

support and information aligned to the industry standards for circular economy. This

tool addresses the gap and supports decision makers within businesses.

What is it?

The Circular Economy Readiness Review (CERR) is a business self-assessment tool

developed jointly by HSSMI and BSI. It allows businesses that are considering the

adoption of circular economy principles to assess their capability and readiness to do.