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Information regarding UK export opportunities

A famous and well known Swedish interior company which export products from Sweden to the UK by boat, Gothenburg – Immingham, are now looking to subsidise UK Exporters as a new part of their new CSR Strategy. The company ship their goods in small containers, of approximately 53 m3 per box (7,6 loading meter and 18 pallets/box). The problem is that 80 % of these containers travel back from the UK to Sweden (Immingham – Gothenburg), 12-15 times per month, completely empty which is a waste of natural resources and, from a sustainability perspective, a nightmare.

At this stage Swedish Chamber of Commerce UK is aiming to identify which UK brands that are exporting to Sweden in order to see which could be interesting or consider this as a future shipping option. The Swedish interior company sees this as a part of their goodwill and new CSR approach and are therefore keen of doing something which could beneficial for several actors and offer this service to a 40 % saving on what regular standard shipping cost to Sweden.

The main contact at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce regarding questions and more info.