Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is inviting bids for funding for innovation projects involving at least one German SME.  There is no limit to the size of the UK company.

The project is for innovation in commercial products, processes or technical services and has a maximum grant of £400,000.  Innovate’s budget for the programme is £4 million.  Innovate UK KTN offers help with finding a partner.  The competition closes on June 7th and you can get more information at


Innovate UK is also funding projects in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, with a budget of up to £5 million.  It is leaving the scope open for eligible bids but has highlighted “advanced manufacturing and materials” as one of five subject areas, along with agrifood tech, transport, cyber-security and health/life sciences.  The maximum grant per project is £350,000 and anticipated innovations must have a high market potential in the two countries.

This competition opens on February 6th and there will be an online briefing for applicants on February 14th.  Help to find a partner is available and successful applicants will, as part of the funded offer, have the support of an innovation and growth specialist from Innovate UK EDGE.

More details on this project are available under “Supporting information” at

Singapore has a strong R&D sector and appears to be more successful than the UK in converting innovations into domestic manufacturing.  While 9% of UK GDP is from manufacturing, in Singapore the figure is 20% and the country has publicly stated that it aims to raise that to 30% by 2030, working with trade associations. 

The UK has also encouraged innovation links with Switzerland, where manufacturing accounts for 19% of GDP.

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