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Integrating Legacy Machines into the Digital Age

MTA are co-hosting an event with the AMRC to give our members another chance to see the joint project, first demonstrated at MACH 2018. The project saw legacy machine tools retrofitted with sensors to provide accurate data about operating condition and performance, given by embracing Industry 4.0 technology.

Machine tools are built to last and machines from the middle of the 20th century onwards are seen in almost every aspect of manufacturing from OEMs down through the long supply chain to ‘one man in a shed’ businesses. Not many have the money for new 4IR when the existing machinery is still productive and achieving its primary objective: to manufacture.

The logical solution to overcome this stumbling block is to retro-fit 4IR capability onto the legacy machines to enable the numerous advantages without the substantial capital investment and the Legacy Project was created to demonstrate what can realistically be achieved and where small business can most effectively invest.

The machines, a 1950’s Colchester Bantam lathe and a 1980’s Bridgeport Milling machine will be demonstrated live at the event along with an exciting look ahead to the new project the AMRC will be launching at MACH 2020.

Places are limited so please visit the event page for more information and book your place.

Location: Factory 2050, AMRC, Sheffield

Date: 10/10/19

Time 10:00 – 15:15

Price: Free for MTA Members