Are you interested in how research into social or economic science can produce actionable insights to help your business adapt to innovative digital technologies?

InterAct is a new Made Smarter Innovation funded, ESRC-led network that aims to bring together economic and social scientists, UK manufacturers, and digital technology providers to address the human issues caused by the diffusion of new technologies in industry.

Their long-term vision is to build a strong, vibrant, interdisciplinary community to support UK manufacturing in the adoption and development of digital technologies that will result in a stronger, more resilient, manufacturing base.

In order to achieve this vision, they recognise the importance of bringing together industry and academia, not just focusing on the technology challenges, but also looking at the economic and social issues of digital innovation.

You can keep up to date with the latest news, events, opportunities, and resources from InterAct by visiting their website, or following them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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