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Internationalisati Fund – grants still available to £9,000

EAMA understands that grants are still available to exporters in most parts of England through the government’s Internationalisation Fund, which was launched last year. 

The scheme offers match funding of up to £9,000 for SMEs wanting to expand their exporting into new markets, or to launch new products abroad.  It covers a range of costs, including market research, legal and intellectual property issues, the development of e-commerce platforms and attending trade shows abroad.  For shows, firms can claim for flights, car hire, cost of entry, stands etc.  (Support for attending shows abroad is potentially more generous than was the case through the Tradeshow Access Programme, which was recently been closed.)

Applications to the Fund are normally made through the Department for International Trade’s network of international trade advisors (ITAs). 

We have heard of engineering and manufacturing firms that have benefited from the scheme, and members are urged to consider whether it may be of value to them, as funds remain in most of England.  We understand that, for firms in Oxfordshire, most of the fund is now allocated.