Tuesday 9 May 2023 – 11:00am – 12:00pm – Virtual Webinar

The impact that menopause can have on women’s mental and physical health is starting to be recognised – and not before time.

Although awareness is improving, women still struggle to get the right medical treatment to help them to manage their symptoms and to get the support they need at work. Around one in ten leave roles they once thrived in.

That makes menopause a business issue. There’s around 4.5 million working women aged 50-64 in the UK and they are often at the peak of their careers when they reach menopause. Many want to continue to work and, with support from their employer they can do so.

With the need for employers to do more to be diverse and inclusive and retain skilled staff, menopause support should be on every employer’s agenda.

In this session, we’ll:

  • Discuss the legal framework around menopause and the pressure to increase protection for menopausal women
  • Be joined by Dr Heidi Kerr – a menopause specialist GP, who will share her insights into the huge range of symptoms women may have and the treatments available to them
  • Give clear guidance on steps all employers should be taking to keep women at work.

Whatever stage you’re at, this event will be a good way to evaluate if your organisation is doing enough.

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