Prime Minister Liz Truss has agreed to a joint statement with the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, following their meeting at the UN in New York.

The brief statement condemns Russia over Ukraine and notes that the two leaders discussion UK-EU relations, energy, food security and the Northern Ireland Protocol.   Photographs showed the two together, sitting in front of the EU and UK flags.

Reaction has centred not on the content of the statement but the fact that it was jointly issued on and Joint Statement by President von der Leyen and Prime Minister Liz Truss | Newsroom (

Truss has been invited to the first meeting of a new “European Political Club” in Prague on October 6th, the day after the Conservative Party conference.   The Czechs hold the presidency of the EU at present but many non-EU states have been invited, including Norway and Israel, as well as the EU 27.  The idea of this new forum was proposed by French president Emmanuel Macron.

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